Customer Testimonials

Hello thailandflorist team, I really appreciate your solution. My girlfriend has received the bouquet and the teddy bear today and she is happy about it. I do appreciate too.
The aim of this message is to thank you for your kindness and your efficiency.
If I want to send flowers, I will use your services again.
Thank you.
Damien Beauruelle

Thank you for the delivery confirmation. I am very pleased with the service and will keep you in mind for future purchases.

Thank you again,

I am pleased with your service, I was well done and right on time as i needed.  I will consider using your service again if i ever needed to send flowers to some one special. Thank you for you service.


thank you very much for the good service.  My girlfriend is very happy.

Thank you for your excellent customer service. I was informed the new
bouquet arrived and is very nice. I look forward to continuing business with

Thank you.........Andrew

thank you for your 1st class service and i am sure i will use them again in
the near future

     Araya got her flowers and she loves them. Thank you so much for doing a
good job. I will use your company again in the future. I will also recommend
it to others. Thank you very much!
     Sincerely, Paul Emerson


You are good folks to do business with, I gladly recommend you to all
that might need your services.

Dear Naranuch

For your service and your help for getting on order delivered you deserve a " 5 STAR " rating.

This was my second order with you and there are many more in the future.You are a pleasure to do business with and best of all you put a smile on my fiancée's face.
                              THANK YOU
                                                          H. H. Franz
                                                         Seattle, WA

I would just like to pass on my thanks for an excellent professional service I recieved from your company.
my wife was thrilled with the roses, and even happier when the three foot tall bear arrived!! First class quality on all counts, I will certainly use your services again,
Many thanks and god luck with the business.
Dennis Lonsdale

Your service has been very good and Khamkong is very happy to have the
flowers when I spoke to her.
I will recommend your service to other people in future.
Thanks very much.
Best regards

Mark Holt.

Dear N.,

  Got a call from Kanlaya on your wonderful service.
Thank you very much. Excellent !!

                        JF Leavy

Excellent service and prompt delivery even to a rather remote town in
Thailand. Thank you.

Wai Poonyo
Dallas, TX

I have just recieved a call from my wife, she is very happy with the surprise flowers, and she says there are so many!!

Once again thank you for your superb professional service, i will be in contact again soon.

Best Regards,


thank you so very much.  You guys really provided excellent service.  I will recomend you guys too all of my friends here in US.

Thank you very  much indeed.
I appreciate your kind and excellent service.
Yours   sincerely

John Komaromi

Thank you very much. The recipient seemed to me very satisfying with the flowers and the bears. Well done. Very good service.

Well, will be using your service again,



Thank you so much for your fast and efficent service your help in ensuring
my future wifes happiness on her birthday will result in further business
from me

Steve Bowerman


Thank you very much for your good service.  She loved the flowers and the bear.  I will continue to recommend you to anyone I know who needs your service.
Walter Johnson

Dear Naranuch J.,

Sawasdee Krub, I really enjoy doing business with you.  My friend was
surprised and she was very happy about the flower.

Thanks for your great service and I will use it again in the future.

Sam M.

Dear Naranuch

I just wanted to say thank you for your great service. Rest assured that there will be many more orders from me in the future. Thanks Again Roger Wagner

My order was beautiful, and thank you for the fine service and delivery..........The service was wonderful.......

Thank You
Jeff Wilson

Thank you for your excellent and prompt service.  I will certainly call
on you again in the future.



Thank you so much for your kind service.  My wife told me she received the
flowers and that they were beautiful.  Thank you very much, I will be sure
to use your services again.


Thanks for the prompt delivery and I certainly enjoy your service.

Have a great day.
Goh David

Dear Naranuch-

Thank you so much.  Received and appreciated.  You can bet I'll use your
service again!


Dear Naranuch J.

Thank you very much for the excellent service you have given. I will not
hesitate to use you again in the future


Carlton Fielding

Dear Mr Naranuch,
I thank you for your kind information letters and, above all, for the strict
fulfillment of my needs. I appreciated all of this a lot. Knowing that I
will ask for your kind service in the future, I send my best regards.
A. Borsari

Thanks a lot. I will contact you soon for some more flower deliveries to
Miss Kanda. 
Best regards.
Roberto Cuccu

Thank you for your excellent service today !

Thank you for the great service...she loved the flowers!
Look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Thanks again!
  Greg Parker

Dear Mr. Naranuch,

Your welcome.  She loved the flowers, so I believe you a have a happy
customer.  I will keep you on file for the next occasion.

Thank you very much for the excellent service as usual. Rest assured I shall
continue to make use of it and recommend it to my colleagues.
Lionel Zupancich

Hello Khun Naranuch,
thank you very much indeed!
And I am looking forward to use your service again. Please keep Miss Wandees Address in your database if possible.
Many regards,
Ronald Ruppelt

Thank you Naranuch, 
I really appreciate your good service to me now and in the past.  I highly recommend you to anyone who needs to send flowers to Thailand.  Thanks again.


Thank you very much for your kind help! Yes, I will use you again!

David Collett, Portland, Oregon, USA

Hi, Naranuch.

Thank you for your very fast, very polite service!


Thank you for your excellent service and quality of roses.  My beautiful
princess loved them.

Ken Kochmit

Thank you very much for your excellent service.  She loved the roses.

Best regards,


Dear Naranuch Jirachanchai,

Thank you very much for your perfect service.  For sure I will use your service in the coming future.

Yours sincerely,

I received news of the delivery and I am glad to say that your services were
impeccable and beyond my expectations.
Thank you, Thailand Florists, for making a very special day possible
for a very special person!
Very Sincerely...a very happy customer,
John J. Kepler

Thank you Naranuch

I heard from Wijantra and she did receive the flowers. She said they are
very beautiful. I am sure that I will be using your services again.

Thank you

Thank you so much for your prompt and kind reply!
This is a very special Birthday for my good friend.
I am so happy that your company can help to make everything
I look forward to the success of this business transaction.
Yours truly,

John J. Kepler

Thank you for the great service!  This is the 2nd time I use your
florist.  I am U.S. Navy service member in Japan and my dear friend
Pim is in it is really convenient.  I miss her a lot and
little things like this make her day.  Appreciate the help.

Colin Thornsberry

again, as with previous orders I have placed at, I would like to thank you for the outstanding quality of your service.

 With kind regards,

Gjalt van Rutten

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You did just great and she was very pleased and yes i will use your service
Once again thank you
James s Heenan ,Jr         (Billy)

Thank you very much for all your help.  My friend is very happy with the
Best Regards,

Thank you!!!  Your service has been excellent.  
If I want to send flowers again, you can be sure I will call you first.


Sawasdee krap,

hereby I would like to thank you for the outstanding
quality that is provided by

It has been a pleasure to order at
and I will certainly continue todo so in the near

I'm looking forward to the response of Wilawan Hesketh
when she receives the flowers, as previous time, it
was an unique experience and she has been able to
fully enjoy the beauty of the bouquet.

Khorb khun mak krap,

with kind regards,

Gjalt van Rutten

Great! Thank you for your wonderful service.

Warm regards,
Laura LaBerge

great service! looking forward to the delivery of the beautiful tulips!


Dear Kun Naranuch Jirachanchai
I am very happy with the service.
Thank you very much and will use your company more often. Have a good day.


Sawasdee krap Khun Naranuch
Thank You very much for your Mail!
I am very pleased about Your Service and
will store the Internet address in my Bookmarks.
 While I am working with computers since long time,
you have a nice job to see flowers day by day.

Best regards from Switzerland
Erhard Stuecklin

Thank you for your first class servcice... The flowers were received with
great satisfaction.

Looking forward to using your services again soon!


I would appreciate it greatly.  Thanks again for your prompt attention.

 Rick Timm

Thank you for your swift response and attention.
I shall indeed look forward to doing business
with you again.

Nigel Jones.

        Just a short note to say thank you for
your excellent service.  My Cd rom arrived with
me in the UK yesterday morning.  This is a
number one service and I will recommend you
to all my associates.
Once again, thank you.

Nigel Jones.

  Please send this order exactly on 14Feb 2001. I appreciate your


Thank you for your reply and efficient service!

Dan LaVelle

Dear Narauch:

Thanks very much.  I will definitely continue to use your service.

Tat Tsoi

Dear Naranuch,

Thanks very much for the efficient delivery of Roses.

I appreciate it.

Thanking u once again,

 Nagesh Sherchan