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Books on Thailand and Southeast Asia.........make informative and beautiful gifts. Whether it a thank you present or a special gift for corporate clients. Choose from the bestseller of titles in the following categories........Gift Services

 Recommended Gift Books for All Occasions 8 Titles

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excitingth.jpg (23281 bytes)

Exciting Thailand: A Visual Journey
Brings you the major attractions of Thailand through spectacular photographs -- from the vibrant metropolis of Bangkok and the tropical islands of Phuket and Koh Samui to Chiang Mai, the capital of the mountainous north. The many faces of Thailand are m
By: Andrew Forbes HARDBACK   230 x 300 mm,  680  64 Pages
US$ 14.0-
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This is Thailand (PB)
Takes the reader on a vivid and revealing journey through Thailand. Stunning photographic images accompany authoritative texts throughout the book.

(Fully illustrated in colour) 
By:John Hoskin & Gerald Cubitt PAPERBACK   215 x 280 mm,  850  176 Pages

US$ 19.0-
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essentialTCB.jpg (20196 bytes)

The Essential Thai Cookbook
Learn the secrets of an exotic cuisine
A superb collection of over 70 authentic Thai recipes, with chapters guiding you through this exotic cuisine: Snacks & Appetizers, Soups; Salad & Vegetables; Main Courses; Curries; rice & Noodles; and Desserts. Step-by-step photographs illustrates the e easy-to-follow instruction for each recipe. Includes useful information and helpful hints and tips on unusual ingredients, equipment and cooking techniques.
By: Kit Chan HARDBACK   224 x 289 mm,  750  96 Pages
US$ 15.0-
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ramaya.jpg (19470 bytes)

Ramayana in The Arts of Asia
The RAMAYANA, the Indian epic of devotion, separation, and reunion, has captured the imagination of peoples all over Asia. Sita's love for prince Rama and her abduction by Ravana, king of the ogres, and rescue by an army of monkeys, are told in this tim meless tale where good prevails over evil. This story is expressed in countless literary traditions and narrative forms. And now for the first time, this book draws upon the various traditions of the RAMAYANA found throughout Asia, from India to Iran

Fully illustrated in colour) 
By: Garrett Kam HARDBACK   235 x 280 mm,  1550  292 Pages
US$ 48.0-
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 Recommended Gift Books for All Occasions 8 Titles

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