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Gift Ideas for Home

We refine the perfect holidays Gifts for him that you love most.

Gift Baskets 

US$ 95.95-  

For the Home


excitingth.jpg (23281 bytes)
Fully illustrated in colour )
HARDBACK   230 x 300 mm,  680  64 Pages
US$ 14.0-
Exciting Thailand: A Visual Journey
Brings you the major attractions of Thailand through spectacular photographs -- from the vibrant metropolis of Bangkok and the tropical islands of Phuket and Koh Samui to Chiang Mai, the capital of the mountainous north. 


tea-set-1.jpg (69639 bytes)
Product Code:  HB04
Size :  L
Weight :  1.4 kg.
Lai: Dok tu dok
Quality painted : Bold 12K

US$ 79.0-  (exclude shipping cost )
Bencharong tea pot set, color painted by hand in ancient design and 12K gold painted. It is used for putting tea leaves and boiled water to make tea for drink or can be placed in a living room as a decorative article. Therefore, it is preferable to collect or give as souvenir.    

Gift Basket

Any Occasion Flowers 9012 : Fruits Basket with Flowers
$29.95 - $42.95 - $59.95 
($42.95 - As Shown
width 14-15")

Thai Ceramics

vase-10.jpg (90823 bytes)
US$ 37.0-  (exclude shipping cost )
Benjarong vase in slender shape. It is painted by hand with color and 12K gold liquid not shiny. It is used to put flower and give as a present in a special occasion.   Thailand Florist Network

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